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Who are we

We work to open up address data

The AddressForAll Institute is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that maintains an open, collaborative, and free address database.

Por Jean Thierry

History of the AddressForAll Institute

Jean Thierry began supporting the OpenStreetMap (OSM) project in 2014 while serving as the Country Manager for Telenav, and later, while working for Apple starting in 2018. During this time, he noticed a significant gap within OSM related to addresses. This stemmed from the fact that mappers in OSM could easily map streets, houses, squares, etc., but often lacked the necessary information to assign numbers to each house in a village or an entire city.

In 2014, during the OSM World Congress in Buenos Aires, Thierry encountered a French project presented by Christian Quest, then-president of OSM France. Christian explained that he had contacted the French government proposing the idea of consolidating various address databases from different agencies, such as the Ministry of Finance, IGN (National Institute of Geography), water and energy companies, postal services, into a single shared, collaborative, open, and free database for everyone. Two years later, the French government recruited Christian Quest to implement the project, which became a success.

Since then, Thierry tried to persuade the Brazilian government to adopt a similar approach. However, despite the interest and enthusiasm of his contacts at the time, the project never moved beyond the conceptual stage. Faced with this, Thierry, along with Filipe Rocha and Peter Krauss, members of the OSM community, decided to found the AddressForAll Institute.

The Institute was established in 2020 and, with the support of sponsors such as Microsoft, Apple, TomTom, and ESRI, began to develop its activities throughout Latin America.