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Applause to IBGE for Publishing the Coordinates of 111 Million Addresses!

20 de fevereiro de 2024
Applause to IBGE for Publishing the Coordinates of 111 Million Addresses!

A Milestone Achievement:

In a recent statement, the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) achieved a remarkable milestone by disclosing the coordinates of over 111 million address points across the national territory, a significant accomplishment following the 2022 census. This considerable progress was promptly acknowledged by industry experts, notably Thierry Jean, President of the AddressForAll Institute, who expressed his applause and recognition through an article published in the renowned Latin American geography and cartography platforms, MundoGeo and Geocracia.

The Importance of Accurate Address Data:

In the article, Thierry emphasizes the fundamental importance of providing accurate and updated address data, highlighting the positive impact of such information on resource optimization, fuel savings, prevention of rework, as well as its vital role in saving lives and improving governmental administration. The President of the AddressForAll Institute underscores the unique role of statistical institutes, whose significant budgets enable the necessary field operations for verifying each address, ensuring the accuracy of latitude and longitude coordinates – a capability that, according to him, surpasses even major national mapping companies.

A Call for Transparency and Civic Responsibility:

In addition to recognizing the efforts and dedication invested in collecting this data, Thierry appeals to statistical institutes to maintain this standard of transparency and civic responsibility by sharing their information openly. He argues that by doing so, they not only reaffirm their commitment to the continuous improvement of public services but also significantly contribute to sustainable development and operational efficiency at the national level.

Challenging the Statistical Secrecy Law:

Thierry also argues that Statistical Institutes should not fear violating the statistical secrecy law, since the address can be obtained by anyone who visits the location, notes the house number, street name, and latitude and longitude coordinates using a cellphone. This data is intrinsically public and should not be considered part of the private information collected in censuses. In Latin America, Brazil, Uruguay, and Colombia are leading this understanding, and the Institute is in contact with the governments of the continent to encourage them to follow the same example.

The Broader Impact on Society:

Therefore, Thierry Jean’s article not only congratulates the IBGE for its exceptional achievement but also serves as a reminder of the critical importance of open and accessible data for society. He reiterates that by proactively sharing this information, statistical institutes play an indispensable role in building a more interconnected, efficient, and secure future for all citizens.

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