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Rural Naming Project in Tunja (Colombia) on the go!

20 de abril de 2022
Rural Naming Project in Tunja (Colombia) on the go!

Tunja is a Colombian municipality, capital of the department of Boyacá, located in the eastern Andes mountain range, 115 km northeast of Bogotá. It is the highest capital city in the country. Our correspondent in Colombia, Fredy Rivera was hired for a project to improve rural nomenclature.

During the month of February, the following activities were carried out:

— Identification of entrance gates to rural properties in Tunja.

— Quality review of coverage points

— Assignment of to the identified gateways.

— Review of the municipality rural road map.

The process of identifying the coverage of rural properties in Tunja was completed and the corresponding to each of them (approximately 6000) were established. This information has been sent to the contractor for analysis.

This is the first time that the OSM.code is being used in an official way in Colombia and the AddressForAll Institute is proud of this.

The rural road map of the municipality was reviewed and improved in OpenStreetMap. The resulting information will be used to feed an algorithm that assigns names to roads according to context, taking into account data such as population density and toponymy.

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